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Paul Watts


I am an illustrator based in the south of England, and love living in the country.

My style is a combination of traditional and contemporary. It is fluid so as to be dictated by themes and content of the brief,  and my working methods allow the use of digital manipulation and textual application as well as the more traditional methods of illustrative technique.


I have a passion for the power and importance of illustration as a tool for communicating ideas and themes, and for its adaptability as social comment and entertainment, the combination of photographic subtlety and cinematic dynamism means there is no other medium like it. Inspiration is gathered from all around: film, television, history, contemporary social concerns, nature, classic literature, music and the experiences of a Cornish upbringing (which paved the way for a love of all things unusual).


I have also written a number of articles for genre magazines and have contributed written work to a few factual books. My first solo book is due to be published this year, 2020.

Married to an amazing lady.


Would like to have a time machine.

Graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Illustration from the  Arts Institute at Bournemouth, now the Arts University College.