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Multitude Of Movies

A new magazine has just been launched, and is essential reading if you love all genre of films.

This is definately a magazine By movie lovers For movie lovers and aims to celebrate and review movies from any language, genre and era. Each issue is full of retrospective reviews and articles about films, as well as specially commissioned artwork, overviews of actors, actresses, directors, etc.

Created by film lovers (and married couple) Dawn and Jonathon Dabell, the first issue is something special indeed.

If interested, then head over to the website or join the Facebook page.

My involvement with issue one of MoM centres on creating a front cover that promotes and accompanies an article on legendary actor John Saxon. Taking two of his most iconic films I sketched and painted him with Bruce Lee and Freddie Krueger behind. The skyline of his place of birth, New York, is glowing from the lens flare of a film camera that acts as the sun behind the buildings, whilst a pastiche of the titles for Battle Beyond The Stars engulfs the figures.

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