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A Busy Year!

Again, it has been a while since I updated my Blog, but it has been a busy year with illustration work and next year looks like being the same! I have had a number of big commissions for book covers - two of which have not yet been announced. The year started with the cover for More Than A Psycho, and I was given so much help by the authors and complete free-reign with the composition - it was a fun and educating challenge. Van Helsing's Terror Tales came from the publishing legend Dez Skinn, the man responsible for Doctor Who Weekly and the iconic magazine House of Hammer. This limited edition, large-scale book would feature a dust jacket and brand new cover painting, for which I was asked to provide. It was an incredible honour and a lovely commission. And, I again got to paint my film hero Peter Cushing.

Other work over the months have included more illustrations for the fantastic Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine and being chosen to paint a large poster of Janet Leigh for Hemlock books - a fantastic honour and a really enjoyable challenge as I don't often get the chance to paint women and have them as being central to a piece of work.

As mentioned, there is one piece of work I am very excited to share...but that will have to wait until the book is announced publicly.

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